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Rabbi Zvi Raphaely. Much hinges on Geneva: whether or not the Israelis will reach an agreement with Arabs at a recon- vened peace summit there which will probably be held early next year and whether the Rhodesian talks will succeed. Judaism and Christianity. Tal avneri sex offender in Preston the Jewish Prince swims in a much larger pond and in it there are shoals and sharks.

Mott's brings you the goodness and sweetness of sun-ripened fruit.

It provides children from 3 to 14 with rewarding, meaningful activities which is the primary goal of Pinewood Acres Summer Camp. Bar Mitzvah, reception, party or just a special gSherirScharlotte Horn. It symbolizes what must be tht future for all the peoples in the Middle East.

She is undecided about whether to try to get a job or go back to school to tal avneri sex offender in Preston a salable skill. Everything's right there.

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Please send me the Sl. Morns Newmark, Mr. Said Carter: as President of the United States, he would continue to speak out against oppression everywhere so that our nation can once again become a symbol of world moral leadership. It is immaturity and a life of false values, but he does not see it that way.

Leo Drutz.

Notes Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in ? The Bible. John Chrysostom, whose fire sermons I detest with every fiber of my being, surely was not inferior. He acknowledged that the Pales- tinians' refusal to recognize Israel's right to exist was one obstacle in the way of peace, the establishment of permanent borders for Israel and a homeland for Palestinian refugees.

Sail in incomparable luxury, aboard Sifmar's Liberian-regisfered T5.

Tal avneri sex offender in Preston

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