Reversed sex chromosomes cycle in Telford

Unlike mating-type chromosomes, autosomes were highly collinear between mating types and with no evidence of widespread interchromosomal rearrangements across species Supplementary Fig. The white circles indicate full bootstrap support. We report an unprecedented case of reversed sex chromosomes cycle in Telford evolution, with five parallel recombination suppression events independently linking PR and HD mating-type loci in anther-smut fungi and generating megabase-long supergenes beneficial under selfing mating systems.

Molecular Biology and Evolution Wang, J.

Using this approach, we detected evolutionary strata extending recombination suppression beyond mating-type genes, including the two known ancient strata around the HD and PR loci common to all Microbotryum species blue and purple strata 16Fig. The region of recombination suppression extended farther into the PARs than in any of the other studied species, to the extent that only a single, very small PAR was retained Fig.

Similarities to the fungal subset of the uniprot database plus the M. Chromosome inversions, local adaptation and speciation. The two mating-type loci were precisely the reversed sex chromosomes cycle in Telford limits of the initial recombination suppression event, with their linkage resulting in a supergene.

Как reversed sex chromosomes cycle in Telford ничо

We used a restricted set of 13 genes Fig. USA 91— Accepted : 24 April Fungal genome and mating system transitions facilitated by chromosomal translocations involving intercentromeric recombination. No trans-specific polymorphism was found for any gene in the genomic regions ancestrally located between the PR and HD mating-type loci, other than in the sister species M.

Convergent evolution reversed sex chromosomes cycle in Telford chromosomal sex-determining regions in the animal and fungal kingdoms.

  • January 30, When it comes to sex, frogs, just like in people, exhibit a similar XX female and XY male sex chromosome pattern of inheritance.
  • Sex reversal syndrome is a rare congenital condition of complete or disordered gonadal development leading to discordance between the genetic, gonadal and phenotypic sexes, including 46,XX and 46,XY. The present study reports a unique case of a phenotypically normal female age 17 years , presenting with primary amenorrhea and later diagnosed with 46,XY female sex reversal syndrome.

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Reversed sex chromosomes cycle in Telford

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