Determining sex of crested gecko in , British Columbia

More Filtering Options. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. First and foremost, you should allow your new crested gecko to acclimate to its new home prior to handling.

If you'd like more photos, message me for my instagram. These geckos are juveniles and in the gram range and are unsexed. Instagram Follow Us On Instagram. Determining sex of crested gecko in 1, Gargoyle gecko baby. Reticulated pattern 2 weeks old. Let me know what you have.

Варите determining sex of crested gecko in , British Columbia мысль

Available now 0. Here are few pictures to help you identify pores on your crested gecko. If you zoom in you can see that perhaps there will be red or orange accents on its white, but who knows. Female Gargoyle, never been paired. International Shipping.

The size of the bulge. Okay all my gecko peeps, I got this beautiful female Garg up for eviction. We sell a nice one that has both 30x and 60x magnifications and LED lights to help you see what you're trying to see.

He hasn't fired up recently, and I broke my old phone with all photos on it. Baby gargoyle gecko for sale. The place where I got him was unsure of his age or sex at the time but I asked when they received him and that information in combination with his weight at the time 8 grams , I was able to guesstimate that he was approximately months old.

Determining sex of crested gecko in , British Columbia

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