Anti same sex marriage arguments for in Modesto

Archived from the original on July 1, He also started the Citizens Against Perversion group, among others. Knightand the measure was dubbed the "Knight initiative" in an attempt to link it to the failed "Briggs Initiative" Proposition 6 of that would have banned gays and lesbians from working as teachers in California's public schools.

This means that gay marriage amounts to a form a sacrilege, not to mention an intrusion of the state into a religious matter. Either way, a marriage certificate is the foundation of a family unit and this is extremely important to many people. This approach ignores the fact that the nature of marriage has changed in definition and makeup quite often over the centuries.

One thing that has often puzzled many people is the argument from so many religious and political conservatives that same-sex marriages "threaten" and "undermine" traditional heterosexual marriages. Homosexuality, or what is called homosexuality, demonstrably exists in nature, and whatever exists in nature is natural.

Jonathan Rauch — Minnesota Daily, 24 November

Anti same sex marriage arguments for in Modesto

Firstly, if marriage is a concept created by God and thereby owned by religionwhy are non-religious people allowed to marry? A marriage between members of the anti same sex marriage arguments for in Modesto sex is a self-contradiction, according to opponents, so their unions will somehow harm marriage itself.

No matter how you try to dress it up, denying equal rights to gays and lesbians is homophobia. One has to question any theology that portrays God as some violent, capricious bogeyman who must be supplicated by sacrifices and incantations, like the malevolent spirits of animist traditions.

Perhaps the only good thing that can be said about this argument is that it's the most directly honest one that opponents are likely to make. It's unclear what possible relationship fostering might have with same-sex marriage, or at least why such a relationship should be given any more weight than any other.

There are religious leaders and churches that do support same-sex marriage.

Marriage recognized in Tel Aviv. Retrieved November 6, Retrieved May 16, After the California Supreme Court challenge following the passage of Proposition 8, the California Supreme Court justices affirmed that all same-sex marriages performed in California before the passage of Proposition 8 continued to be valid and recognized as "marriage".

April 2, January 4,

Anti same sex marriage arguments for in Modesto

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